Grandfather's Letter: Life Is Not Always Fun

"Grandfather's Letter: Life Is Not Always Fun is based on questions and letters from schoolchildren. Life is beautiful, but not always easy or fun. People often encounter difficulties, big or small, and sometimes even find themselves in a tragic situation. But according to Dr. Izzy Darakhovskiy, the difficulties are surmountable and success is possible. Reading this story, the reader will find out how children from foreign countries lived during war and peace times, how different their childhoods were from American children's way of living, activities, interests, motivations, and culture. Dr. Darakhovskiy shows how important it is for children to have a goal in life and how they have to act on a daily basis in order to achieve it. Life is not always the same. People cannot choose a time or place to be born, but they can choose how to fill the time in order to have a successful and interesting life. In different situations the text is serious or light-hearted. The text and illustrations add funny touches.

Izyaslav (Izzy) Darakhovskiy, a Ukrainian-born professor of Economics is the author of nine books in English and Russian. He has lived under three of the most powerful countries of the 20th century: Nazi Germany, Soviet Union (Russia), and Democratic USA. He has been a slave laborer, farmer, soldier, businessman, scientist and author. At age 57 he and his family immigrated to the USA. Although he spoke several languages, English was not one of them. He worked hard and in eight years completed his first book in English, a language he thought he would never learn. Darakhovskiy has wide and unique life experiences and a lot to share with children.
In this unique personal story the reader will discover a new culture and view a way of life very different from American lifestyle. Look carefully through grandfather's eyes to find out the secrets for making your own life successful. 


    Paperback, 64 pages

    Published September 14th 2010 by Publish America


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