Sharing is Healing: A Holocaust Survivor's Story

Noémi Ban’s story of the loss of her mother, grandmother, thirteen year-old sister and 6 month-old baby brother and of the suffering she survived while in Auschwitz-Birkenau is tragic, however, the message of this award-winning teacher’s new book is one of tolerance hope and love of life.

Several themes pervade each chapter: the importance of perseverance, determination, friendship, responsibility and freedom; the dangers of bigotry, hatred and teasing; and as the title implies, the value of family, friends, trust and sharing in healing from a great loss.  The final two chapters include narrative and photos from Mrs. Ban’s return to Auschwitz in 1995 and 1997, as well as suggestions to readers as to lessons that may be learned from this period of history.


    Paperback, 76 pages

    Published 2006 by Holocaust Educational Publications (first published 2003)


    A $3 charge is added to offset the price of shipping. All proceeds go towards Holocaust education. 

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